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ABC Classic Triangle Lightweight Style 1072

Features the classic triangle shape with a shallow profile in the bra cup that is ideal for broad chest walls and athletic builds. It is crafted with lightweight silicone which is about 30% lighter than standard silicone.

ABC Seamless Microbead Puff 929

Features a triangle footprint with an average profile in the bra cup. Designed with a no-seam fabric cover with a foam front lining and microbead filling for easy shaping and molded to the chest wall.

Amoena Contact Light 2S Breast Form

Attachable; Adheres securely to the body, giving a woman a new sense of freedom and self confidence. InTouch Light Silicone; An improved silicone formulation, creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible.

New Day Natural Cloud Beaded Puff – NCW 2

The Natural Cloud Weighted (NCW) puff is designed for swimming, sleeping and leisure wear. The NCW gives you a soft, cool, comfortable feel. Another great feature of the NCW when used as a swim form is, it will respond more like a natural breast when reclining on a lounge chair around the pool or at the beach.
Size 2-15.

Truelife Style 822 Recover Shell

Breast ReCover Shell Designed for staged reconstruction, removable silicone inserts facilitate use across the duration of the reconstruction process.

Truelife Style 823 Recover Overlay

Breast ReCover Overlay Designed for staged reconstruction, two removable silicone inserts ideal for post-lumpectomy and post-reconstruction.