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Wear Ease 612 Compression Short

Try our compression short, style 612, for immediate relief from swelling caused by lymphedema, edema and post-surgical recovery. This short provides just the right amount of support and comfort for long term wear and compliance.

Wear Ease 960 Andrea Compression Shirt With Axilla Pads

Garment provides compression for: underarm, breast/chest, abdomen, back and hips. Set in sleeves for additional coverage for shoulder and upper arm, and sewn in pads provide extra compression and coverage for the axilla. No need for additional fasteners to hold in place.

Wear Ease Compression Bra Style 790/791/792

Compression for underarm, breast and back.

The Compression Bra by Wear Ease is ideal for after breast surgery including breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and breast reduction. A comfortable bra for post-surgery and mastectomy recovery. Designed for gentle compression all around the torso for women with post-surgical discomfort or breast or torso lymphedema.

  • Style 790: Compression Bra
  • Style 791: 790 + 2 removable drainage tube pouches
  • Style 792: 791 + 2 fiberfill breast forms

Wear Ease Compression T Style 915

Compression for underarm, upper arm, shoulder, back, breast and abdomen. This T is specifically designed to provide compression for the entire torso and additional coverage for the upper chest and underarm area. Great for travel and sportswear.